While we might live in an era of factual science and technology, that doesn't mean that consumers aren't enticed by more celestial ideas. Astrology has been one area that continues to captivate many, and over the last year, designs based on the the zodiac are popping up everywhere to appeal to consumers' taste for the otherworldly.

We therefore present AURA - A Merchandise contour to link the influence of the planets to the growth of the soul, to understand life's higher purpose and finding the key to your personalself-expression, emotional ecstasy, independence and freedom of spirit. Aura promotes the products which go right to the essence of spirituality and life with beautiful exploration into the sacred science of astrology-a tool for discovering your soul's true intention and purpose.

AURA has the essence for:

  1. Zodiac Clothing Line
  2. Spiritual Idols
  3. Astrology Artworks
  4. Home Decor
  5. Jewelry & Gift Creations
  6. Puja Items
  7. Specialty Items