Libra is the sign of partnership. They are easy to like with a captivating charm and a gift of making others feel important. Born under the sign of the scales, Librans look for balance and harmony. Because of their ability to see both sides of an argument they are born diplomats. However with their reluctance to face confrontations, they try to be all things to all people, giving an impression of indecisiveness. Libra loves to be admired and responds readily to praise and flattery. In love they are imaginative and sensuous and will enchant and dazzle you with their charm - but beware if they become bored...they lose interest fast!

Erogenous Zone: The lower back and buttocks.
Most Likeable Trait: Charm
Element: Air (communicative and intellectual)
Ruling Planet: Venus (planet of love and pleasure)
Keyword: I BALANCE
Birthstone: Opal