Monthly (January)

The first month of New Year 2014 is going to be better than the last month. If you are sick, the time has come to recover from illness. Also, some changes are to be expected in the situations from which you are suffering since last month. Now the situation will be in your control. In addition to this, obstacles coming in the work field will be isolated to some extent. Time is normal in terms of health and you will get relief from health related concerns at this time but you still you need to be careful. Capricorn Horoscope of January 2014 suggests that periodically, you should go for the medical checkup or doctor’s advice. This month will prove to be perfect for family matters. A vital task can be done with the help of friends and relatives. Support of maternal uncle will smooth your path of success. The time has begun to improve the financial conditions. Now, expenses will be under control to a great extent that will make you financially strong. There are possibilities of promotion for the salaried people. Business class can now invest because the problems related to wealth are going to be resolved in the month of January 2014.