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Puja-Anushthans are performed for a very specific requirement and for a specific problem. Puja-Anushthan can be conducted for various reasons like - to usher success, improve financial conditions, ease marital problems, solve plaguing issues that stem from the horoscope, to ward off evil and so on. The Puja-Anushthans are therefore performed for precise reasons and should be given immense respect and importance.
The various reasons for which specific Puja-Anushthan are performed

Shiva Puja
Lord Shiva represents the aspect of the Supreme Being and is considered to be the destroyer of evil and sorrow. He is the source of fertility in all living beings. He destroys evil and protects good. He protects devotees from evil forces. It is done for the fulfillment of your desires.

MahamrityunjayYagya - 21000 Jaap
This is called the - King of Yagyas - and is meant for avoiding untimely death and increase longevity. This homam is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The yagya is performed to get victory over - MRTITYU - which means death. The focal point of worship during this Yagya is Lord Shiva. This yagya is a lifesavingyagya and it generates the divine positive shield around the person for whose welfare this yagya is organised and that spectrum of positive energies and vibrations couteract all the negative and evil forces and save the person from misfortunes.

This yagya is for fullness of life and averting dangers. This yagya is done for Lord Shiva on behalf of the person who orders for it. Lord Shiva represents the aspect of the Supreme Being and is considered to be the destroyer of all evil and negative forces. He protects devotees from evil forces & possible dangers.

Puja-Anushthan for Resolving Unfavourable Planets
Our lives are controlled and affected by the movements of the planets as they revolve around the Earth. Every planet emits radiations into space. These radiations pass through the Earth's atmosphere and reach us in varying quantities.Problems arise due to the complete absence or excess of these radiations. Therefore, Puja-Anushthans are done to ward off the ill effects of planets and their respective ruling deities are appeased for positive results.

Puja-Anushthan for Resolving Manglik Dosh
According to our spiritual texts, marriage is an extremely joyous and holy occasion and the married life of the couple depends on the success of this sacred alliance. People at large get easily intimidated on realizing that a certain marriage prospect is manglik (has a manglik dosh in his or her horoscope). Therefore, before this wonderful lifelong association is solemnized, the horoscopes of the bride and groom should be analyzed for positive effects and glitches that need to be corrected, manglik and amanglik combinations and their long-term effects have to be considered to make sure that the future of the couple is happy and contented.
If the planet Mars (Mangal) resides in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th, and 12th house in an individual's natal horoscope, that person is said to be manglik. Accordingly, 40% of the population is generally manglik. This occurrence causes problems and hurdles in the person's social and personal life.

Rituals for Making Planets Favourable
According to JyotishShastra, every planet has its own positive or negative effect. We perform Puja-Anushthan to enhance those positive effects and ward off the negative ones.

Puja-Anushthan for Freedom from Debt(A pending duty, debt of duty)
It is often said that Devrin, Rishi rin, and Pitrurin affects an individual for his complete lifetime like a shadow. Therefore, the scriptures have the words like PitruDevoBhava, AcharyaDevoBhava, and MatruDevoBhava.
Astrology allows all kinds of debt to be placed in the natal horoscope. Rin or pending duties can be of a variety of types like, Pitrurin, Swarin, Matrurin, Streerin, Rishtedaririn, Ladki-Behenkarin, Nirdayitarin, Ajanmarin, and Prakritikrin.

Puja-Anushthan for Appeasing All 9 Planets
Every day, the planets affect us in positive and negative ways because of which we cannot ignore their importance in our lives. There are various ways by which the negative effects of a specific planet can be deterred. The problem can be tackled and curbed by addressing the effects of the planet itself.
Therefore, the nine planets have to be appeased according to the scriptures from time to time.

Puja-Anushthan for Successful Conception
Even though science has progressed drastically and has made noteworthy achievements in a variety of fields, there still are areas that medical science has not been completely able to comprehend.
Even though they are physically fit, many couples have not yet been able to conceive a child. While medical science does not have an answer to this problem, JyotishShastra does!
Astrology can help determine the reason for this anomaly with the help of the couples' horoscopes. On gaining insight into the 'reason', remedies can be administered accordingly.

Puja-Anushthan for KaalSarpDoshh
Due to the Kaalsarp Dosh, the individual faces numerous problems. A person's destiny is twisted into a Kaalsarp Dosh, when all the planets in his horoscope are edged between Rahu, which is considered a serpent's head and Ketu, which is considered a dragon's, tail, hence the name. Nothing tends to work out for the person on time due to which all happiness and satisfaction remains absent.

Puja-Anushthan and Solutions for Other Problems
Life is a struggle. Struggles lead to problems. Problems create hurdles for progress. Moreover, these hurdles can be endless. Just like the hurdles, even their solutions are available and endless!
Therefore, one must very carefully pay attention to every problem and treat it at the right time. Our services in this field are not only popular but also trustworthy and respected.

Daily Pooja
This is the service which helps you in selecting the Daily Puja which you needs to get performed. You need to mention the name of the Puja while filling the Order Form from the list of Daily Pujas. This Puja will be performed on the date mentioned by you while filling the order form. Please note that you should give us minimum 2 days from the date of order to perform the Puja. The various daily Pujas that can be preformed are: Sunday Pooja, Monday Puja, Tuesday pooja and so on. Other Daily Pujas are Sun (Surya) Puja, Moon (Chardra) Puja, Mars(Mangal) Puja, Mercury (Budh) Puja, Jupiter (Guru) Puja, Venus (Shukra) Puja, Saturn (Shani) Puja, Rahu Puja, Ketu Puja etc.